Dr. A S IYAR- "Over the years, with your advice, I have gravitated more and more towards steadier and less risky investments, in line with my advancing age. I recall with gratitude your efforts and guidance in this direction." Read more

Dr. VINOD VYASULU- "The advice they offer to their clients today is tailored to their specific requirements; it is never a 'one-size-fits all' formula. They believe that if their clients do well, they will automatically do well." Read more

Mr. BURJOR KOTHAWALLA- "From the very beginning, a great deal of attention was paid to details in terms of the appropriate financial product mix that would be required to meet the goals defined, as well as constant monitoring of all the investments, with periodic reviews and changes in the financial portfolio to ensure maximization of value." Read more

Dr. PURANDAR CHAKRAVARTY- "Mr. Srinivasan meticulously worked, charted out best paths and advised on the financial planning side in my career advancement, plans on how best to address liabilities and multifaceted risks, asset building and consolidation, and lastly showing me the path to achieve my financial aspirations." Read more

Mr. SRINIVASAN N IYER- "I have never found him giving the impression that he is working for a commission though all those who are invested with SIDVIN gladly pay whatever he decides after the no entry load regime came into force." Read more